Tecnigas silencers and exhaust systems



Original look keeping up the best performances with minimum noise level.

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High performances for low budgets with the more durable and neatly done finish. 

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Design and architecture completely renewed maintaining a perfect balance between elegance, sporty look and high performances.

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  ORIGINAL PRO - Maxi Scooter  

Original look keping up the best performances with the minimum noise level.

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High performance features and a sporty look for the most radical riders

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08/06/2007 - TGB Delivery Efficiency

A new BASIC reference is already available for the TGB Delivery Efficiency (Double Shock Absorber).

It will provide you with the best balance between performance, resistant and price in the market.

The new reference is 0308184.

22/02/2007 - New E-NOX for HM CRE 50

Once more Tecnigas extends its E-NOX range offering a new reference for HM CRE 50.

The new E-NOX reference is 061257116 which is homologated according to 97/24 EC directive.

The new E-NOX for HM CRE 50 will be available from March 2007.

21/02/2007 - New E-NOX for CPI SM / SC

Tecnigas has introduced a new exhaust system for CPI Supermoto and CPI Supercross as part of its E-NOX exhaust range. Thanks to a thorough development, the new exhaust will be adaptable to both models, CPI SM and CPI SC.

The new E-NOX reference (061255006) will be available from March 2007.

It is a product only for competition use.

31/10/2006 - New homologated exhausts for CPI GTR

Tecnigas has released two homologated exhausts for CPI GTR in an effort to satisfy the new market's demands.

The new references are 060938411 (NEXT R varnished), 060938412 (NEXT R chromed), 061038411(RS varnished) and 061038412 (RS Chromed).

This products are already available.

12/06/2006 - New Tecnigas Maxi 4

Tecnigas has released Maxi 4, a perfect device to satisfy the new market's needs in the two wheel world.

The new Maxi 4 extends Tecnigas offer to the 4 stroke scooters with a cylinder capacity of more than 50cc.

All Maxi 4 models are homologated according to 97/24/EC directive.

10/03/2006 - New reference for Kymco Super9 and for Kymco Top Boy

In an effort to increase the models Tecnigas exhausts are adaptable to, Tecnigas has released a new exhaust for Kymco Super 9 and for Kymco Top Boy for the Silent Sport range.

This products is already available and its part number is 0317503. It is a non certified reference.

16/02/2006 - New clutch springs for the exhaust Pocket Bike GP1

Tecnigas has released the clutch springs for the exhaust Chinese Pocket Bike GP1. These clutch springs are the best complements to reach an optimum performance using a Tecnigas GP1.

The new reference for this new product is 0000124.

08/06/2005 - Exhaust for POCKETS

Following the increasing popularity of pocket bikes, Tecnigas has developed the new exhaust Chinese Pocket Bike GP1 for Chinese pocket bikes.

Technical specifications:

- Notable improvement in performance up to 30%
- Silencer in anodized silver aluminium
- Reference: 0602001
- Non-certified reference


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