Tecnigas silencers and exhaust systems



Our team has more than twenty years' experience in the design and manufacture of exhaust pipes for mopeds and motorbikes.

Our facilities are equipped with the most modern technology, both for the development of new products and for their production. Our priorities are, on the one hand, the quality and performance of our exhaust pipes, and on the other hand, respect for the environment. Tecnigas is one of the first Spanish manufacturers to obtain the new EC/24/97 homologations for devices of exhaust pipe for mopeds, compulsory since 18 June 1999.

This way of working has enabled our group to become the foremost national manufacturer of exhaust pipes for scooters and mopeds and one of the European leaders in this field.


- Prize for the Internationalization of the Catalan Economy 2002

On July 2nd 2003 Tecnigas was awarded the Prize for the Internationalization of the Catalan Economy 2002 for the small-sized company section. The Catalan government awards annually the small, medium and big-sized companies for the activities, iniciatives and efforts devoted to export its products to international markets, leading to the internationalisation of the Catalan economy. Tecnigas team would like to thank all our providers, distributors and customers for your cooperation, help and professionalism that have lead to an important expansion and well positioning of Tecnigas products at a worldwide level.


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